There is a noble feeling in settling goals and intentions

There is a noble feeling in settling goals and intentions; yet, there is a sense of failing when we realise that a few months into the year, we are part of the 52% that have to sheepishly admit that we are not on track or have even forgotten all about our intentions and goals. How do you stay on track? When I finished my first London Marathon in 1999, the back of the medal read: “it is not about the target, it is about the journey”. It made me think…Had I enjoyed the journey? To be honest, I had not for most of the race. I was so focused on getting to the end, that only when I rounded the bend at Buckingham Palace, did I feel a sense of accomplishment. Those last 100 metres were my only celebration. The rest of the 42 km, I wasn’t really enjoying myself the way I could have if I had put my mind to it.At the start, I was concerned about the enormity of the event; the amount of people, my shoes, could I really run THIS far???

I sprained my ankle in the first 10k as it was so busy that someone stepped on it and I spent some time cursing that person and avoiding the trampling feet.

the cobblestones just as I hit the wall:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: around 30k in and my feet were hurting already.I did have glimpses of awe; the amount of people that cheered (they even knew my name…oh wait, my name is printed on my bib number :hugging_face:). The many bands along the way, the enormity of the throngs running beneath the Cutty Sark; Tower Bridge. The words on the back of that medal stayed with me. I have since made a point of enjoying all the journeys. And that is the same for the journey in life; the journey in business; in parenting; health; in short: in everything I do. Are you enjoying the journey? Join a small group of committed people who want to reach their phenomenal targets, dreams and goals while enjoying the journey. Until the 20th February at 20.20 CET time, my 6 month program is available at 20% off.