I help entrepreneurs align their life & business to create long-lasting success

My Services

  1. 6 Month Master classes.

The 6 months Masterclass consists of a highly interactive small group journey where you learn all I know in 2 x 90-min. per month in depth sessions facilitated by me personally.During these 6 months:You find out what holds you back, why and what to do about it.You tap into deep and eternal sources of energy to rebalance and rejuvenate.You get unlimited resources to fuel your personal and professional life.

*You also get access to a dedicated Masterclass Facebook group with other high impact and dedicated people just like you.

*On top of this you get lifelong access to my specialized Turtle Lotus System which gets updated all the time with the latest cutting edge tools.

** You learn to apply Eastern and Western tools, practices and techniques to 9 key areas of your life and career that are currently lacking in, have blocked, negative or too fast flowing energies

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  1. One-on-one 2-day Intensive
  2. One-on-One 1 month Deep Dive into 1 Key Area of the Turtle Lotus System
  3. One-on-one 9 month program.

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