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Brigitte Djie

I believe that this is important because we live in some of the most uncertain times of our lives; and this is true for most of us the world over.

We all know someone who is affected by physical, business, mental, relational, financial, family, emotional and/or other challenges.
The state of the world has magnified and accelerated feelings of stress and anxiety, being stuck, overwhelmed with less time to get things done, loneliness, miscommunication and lack of motivation and energy.

We are literally called to get our house in order in all areas; especially those that we might have let slip in the past. Have you noticed?

Einstein said that we can never solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that it was created.

This is how I feel: it is even more important NOW to step up and look for different ways. When we do what we have always done, we get the same results….over and over again.

Research shows that as humans, we exist better in community. Are you, like me both thriving on being with others and at times need your alone time?
The introvert-extrovert dynamics get so much airtime these days. I believe that we are all both in varying measures and depending on our personal circumstances and change all the time.

We often prefer to isolate and deal with our deepest and darkest challenges on our own. Hiding under the covers with a tub of Haagen Das Belgian Chocolate -à Ia my almost namesake Bridget Jones- and Binge watching Netflix cuts it for a bit only. and ultimately only leads me so far.

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The thing is, you are not alone.
But it takes courage to step up and dare to be vulnerable to others. We all wear masks. We are all perceived by others in a certain way and it is not easy to share what is tough for us. All of us have this push-pull going on at times.

This is not for the faint-hearted. It is a step into courage and uncertainty. There is no growth in your comfort zone. One of the inherent needs in all that lives is the need to grow.

This can be your choice to be in community in and explore together. To fall and fail and be witnessed and supported.

Over 3 decades ago, I stepped away from the highway of life, the busy and crowded road that the masses travelled. I HAD to because it was rapidly getting me NOWHERE that I wanted to go. Instead, it rapidly spiralled me down a path of ill health, dead-end career myths, multiple midlife crises, resulting from dogmatic cultural and debilitating convictions as well as other narratives that I witnessed beloved friends and family take and see a large number of them being worse off and further removed from their dreams and goals in life. I spent these decades searching for ways that allowed life to be lived differently and have discovered so many simple and easy and effective tools, rituals, remedies and resources that especially in this time, are paramount to share as far and wide with humanity. None of it is my own, all of it is available to anyone who does the research. You may prefer to do this faster than take the 3+ decades?


I am Dutch, Chinese and live in Bali


She is a Conscious Leadership Trainer with expertise in fields varying from Quatum medicine, Pranic Healing, fire-eating/-walking, wrote three best selling Relationship books, in her 40’s was a two time Ironman finisher and competed in World Championships Duathlon.

The amalgamation of skills and tools, helps her drill down into each group and individual’s collective and personal goals to understand what their ‘why’ in life and business is.

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Brigitte and I began working together at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis and the global lockdown.

“Although my external circumstances didn’t changed much at all throughout the lockdown, my internal world shifted enormously. Prior to this, my business was going through a very challenging period and there was a distinct lack of joy in my life.
Through the work we have been doing together over the past 6 months, literally everything I aspired to is falling into place, business wise and personally, and in many cases, far beyond what I could have imagined. I feel joyful and light again and my aspirations seem to happen effortlessly.”

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Over 5 years of working with Brigitte have revolutionised my life, my business and my health.

My company has grown exponentially, I’m in control of my own health and for the first time ever I feel as if I am the master of my own destiny all thanks to her expert help.

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Brigitte helped me to see the positive and face the negative, often with humour.

“I first contacted Brigitte at a point when I felt the floor had been whipped from underneath me. Brigitte encouraged me to speak and to find leverage to not only carry on but to face my responsibilities and be proactive, to come to terms with a complete change in my life and to face the future with confidence. I’m grateful for the way my life has changed. I would absolutely recommend her help and advice.”

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What an amazing year…can’t thank you enough, Brigitte!

“I started working with Brigitte when coaching became something that I had to do, and was not just something I wanted to try. Brigitte’s guidance, strategic use of tools and powerful questions helped shape my mindset, focus and approach to coaching and state of being as a coach; gently yet firmly. My client profile has turned out to be exactly the niche we first brainstormed, and I am about to embark on a contract with a leading global business school to coach their MBA cohorts!”