Welcome to the birthing meditation

96% of all adults aren’t doing what they wanted to do as a child and those who don’t follow their dreams are twice as likely to be unhappy as those who do.

People who have taken this free meditation found that:

  • They are more congruent in setting goals
  • Are clear on the talents they want to share with the world
  • Are happy and decisive in taking the next step in their personal and professional journey
  • Achieve more consistently
  • Are more fulfilled

Did you have a dream as a child?

Most of us have an inkling of a purpose that differs from the life we currently lead.

We have heard that we are not our body, but what are we then?

Join me as I guide you through a free guided meditation that takes you back to way before your childhood and find out why you chose this life and most importantly, how you can get back on track.

With love, light, grace and gratitude,


I am Dutch, Chinese and live in Bali


She is a Conscious Leadership Trainer with expertise in fields varying from Quatum medicine, Pranic Healing, fire-eating/-walking, wrote three best selling Relationship books, in her 40’s was a two time Ironman finisher and competed in World Championships Duathlon.

The amalgamation of skills and tools, helps her drill down into each group and individual’s collective and personal goals to understand what their ‘why’ in life and business is.