The year of the White Rat

Has already started with a lot of momentum and energy. Whether or not this is in your favour or not, we all must make the best of it and when we know the lay of the land, well, it helps.According to Chinese astrology, rats are useful and highly lucky creatures; couples pray to this animal when they need more fertility. This can be translated into modern life speak as being creative in a broad sense. Business ideas find fertile ground and previous blocks vanish.Rats are nocturnal and you may find energies more productive in the hours of the dark versus in the daytimes.Rats are tough and strong; the element metal which prevails this year is also strong but is unbending. Watch out for inflexible attitudes.Rats are associated with wealth and abundance; make sure to tap into this positive flow.To learn more about how this applies to you, your family and business, sign up for the reduced 6 months Masterclass series:

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