Love is in the air
-is the saying-Why would you like to have love in the air?

Would you like to be the original or the pasted copy? How about using your own original heart and love originally? Whoever you want and whenever you want?

In the days that Valentines was not a thing yet, my dear grandmother would send me and all she loved a Valentines card, just to say she loved me. She was original and generous of heart.

My granddad had died and being on her own, she would also be extra kind to herself. And not only on Valentines Day. She was a person who had loved my granddad dearly and devotedly; she was his second wife as my mother’s mum died when she was only 16.

After granddad died, she came into her own; she loved life, loved us, loved her own company. In short, she was love personified. I learned so much from her about love and think of her often.

Wishing you a love filled heart and a love filled life.

Happy Valentines Day from me to you and from you to you.


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15th January-Tokyo-Japan:

I am delighted to share the stage with my dear friend and colleague, Masaki Naito.
How to live your best life by being yourself:-You learn to regain and optimise allignment and balance to function at your best.
-I teach you to use the wisdom of the 5 elements, the immutable flow of nature, high energy vibration and seasons to create your best professional and personal life.

Door open 9:40
Start 10:00
End 17:00
Adress: 4F-2-10-2,Siroganedai,Minato-ku,Tokyo, Japan.

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