The Turtle Lotus System

The Turtle Lotus System helps you take charge of your life. As a busy, successful entrepreneur, it’s easy to let your ultimate priorities get out of balance and utilizing Brigitte’s experience and mentoring will help you regain alignment and provide balance in your life once again.

The Turtle lotus System focuses on bringing harmony to  9 key elements of your life so that you can achieve greater fulfillment, happiness, and increased success.

By utilizing Eastern and Western philosophies of living, Brigitte’s helps her clients hack the areas of life that are currently lacking or underutilized.

The 9 Components To Success Are…

Consciously orienting your Career

Utilize your Leadership Chi to move from ‘I” to ‘We’ Consciousness. Your business not only relies on yourself, but also the value and input of your team members. Learn to harmonized your business so that you don’t feel as if the success of the business solely rests on your shoulders.

Learn to let go

Do you need to be in control all the time? Are you a strangle hold on your business’ growth? Learn to let go from the inside out, to cleanse and purify your environment, your body, your spirit and your mind in order to start with a clean slate and clear mind, allowing what you envision to manifest.

Work from the inside out

Are you in touch with your community? The people in your company, your family, your social circle, are you in touch with what and who is important n your life? You reconnect with yourself and from that place, ripple out to those who are in lynch pin position in your private and professional life to ensure the right personalities are in the correct positions. Learn how the Grandmasters manifest effortlessly.

Promote cyclical growth and spiral integration

Are you out of touch with the lifeblood of your company? Finances? We get to grips with the recurring flow that taps into the infinite abundance of nature.

Balance your mind and body

Is your own centre off? Your physical health must be at the core of your life and business. We get you on track and use tools to effortlessly balance your physical wellbeing with tools and daily rituals that enhance your centre and balance.

Implement high vibration consciousness

Have you lost your drive and energy to sustain the pace of life? We create a toolbox for you to choose how to collaborate with high frequency, infinite energy so you are in charge and have the energy and stamina to lead your business and life.

Summon the law of harmony

Do you feel exhausted by your environment and are the people in your life draining your energy? Get control again by tapping into the allignment of harmony and find that all of life becomes effortless.

Focus on Being present

Are you 100% present? is your focus in the now or on a million of things in the past or future? We tap into the emotions and wisdom that serve the High Impact Conscious entrepreneur to be and stay laser focused. Moving forward while staying deeply grounded like a mountain.

park and ignite momentum

Do you feel that you stagnate, procrastinate and are not moving forward? We create steps to ignite the fire in your belly and re-ignite the passion in your life.