Welcome to my video series to end 2020.

Gosh, it is already the last video.
I was just thinking how much I enjoyed connecting with you.

This year certainly has been one of less or no connection for most of us. We humans are social beings and whilst most of us also enjoy time by ourselves, we prefer to choose for when and where we have those times versus having this decided by someone else or circumstances.

What have you done instead of connecting with loved ones the way you used? How have you been creative in finding other ways?

I spoke to a friend recently who has gone back to sending postcards. A client is having lots of little parcels sent to his family all over the world and my niece has started to create jewellery that she sends to her friends.

Who have you missed connecting with? How can you find ways to reconnect in a different way in 2021?

Who can you help with new ideas for doing business differently? How can you reach out?

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With Bali Blessings,
Love and Light,