Another year over and a new one just begun

-John Lennon-


A new decade has even just begun….How was your last year? Your last decade? Was there a theme? Did you let go of what no longer works in your life in 2019?The Universe provides us with portals; opportunities to take that occur and then vanish. Have you noticed that doors open wide and invite you in? Do you take the risk, do you grab the invite?Energetically we all get multiple chances, multiple nudges. How have you recognised those in the past and grabbed them? Chosen growth over security?Or stepped back and stayed in your comfort zone? I have stepped forward and back when those opportunities appeared.Life happens in decades. 4 decades ago, almost to date, John Lennon’s life ended tragically. How has your life evolved over decades?Looking back over the past 6 decades, I have seen a pattern that I am excited to share with you.
For free. So that your next decade is a celebration of life and allows you to keep building on the wins you have had.To constantly discard what does not matter to your business, your health, relationships, your family and community.

To know which doors are for you to enter and which are not. Join me for this free Masterclass to find out more:

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