Brigitte Djie

I help entrepreneurs align their life & business to create long-lasting success

My Story

Hi, i’m Brigitte, and thanks for stopping by!

As a high impact mentor and life consultant, i have dedicated my life to serving and helping successful entrepreneurs achieve balance and harmony in their lives.

I believe that each individual has unique needs, goals, and definitions for success. We are all different human beings but the one thing that we all have in common is the desire to live a happy, peaceful life.

I help successful, yet unfulfilled entrepreneurs achieve alignment and balance by combining esoteric eastern philosophies with practical traditional western solutions in order to attain harmony in their lives.

I do this by utilizing a system that i developed called the Turtle lotus System.

Within this system I incorporate concepts of prosperity, balance, flow, Fengshui, martial arts principles, endurance extreme sports psychology, The Art of War, use of essential oils, Homeopathy, plant, crystal and other natural remedies, healing and energy work, natural laws as well as dynamic coaching.

My goal is to help you harness the success you have already reached in business and exponentially grow your fulfilment and success in your personal life, your key relationships and your physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. This in turn creates unrivalled boosts in your business success and so the upward spiral continues…