1-year Program

Join me on this 1 year journey, where we really shape and deepen the 12 pivotal areas of life together. 

Who is it for?

are you…
-courageous enough to step into the unknown and do what you have likely never done before? Not for the fainthearted…
-committed enough to your own greatness to take consistent small steps that shift the shape of your life permanently? Not for those who look for a quick fix.
-ready for an adventure to uncover the treasures inside yourself? Not for those who have a fixed idea of who they are and will always be.

*This is not an entry-level journey, you must have worked with me before in order to sign up for this program.
**If you have not worked with me before, we will need to have a qualifying conversation before you are able to enrol in the program.

What do we cover?

We have a theme in the 3-hour group sessions with in between workbook and journal assignments, exercises and habit creation as well as supporting rituals, meditations and creative tasks.

What is included?

– 12 monthly group sessions starting in November 2021.

– 12 private 1 hour sessions taken throughout the year.

– all supporting materials.

– exclusive social media platforms.


Value of individual components:

-Monthly calls/workbooks etc. $7,500

-1:1 sessions $12,000

-TurtleLotus Club $1,200

Total Value $20,700


USD $10.000

payment plan available on request