28 January 2021

Greg Jacobson

Happily Achieving

Founder of Happily Achieving, Greg Jacobson from Las Vegas for the first BSS of 2021. Greg and his beautiful wife, my wonderful friend Rocky are visiting Bali and selflessly sharing how to ‘Think yourself Happy’ (also the title of Greg’s bestselling book) where it is needed most. Greg is also a Quality of Life Strategist, International Speaker and Trusted Advisor and Mentor. I am delighted that Greg is joining us to share his message and wisdom from just ‘down the road’ here in Bali.

Brigitte Djie

Business Coach

Brigitte is a multi-cultural, bilingual author, business owner, speaker. therapist and coach with over 2 decades of experience in teaching individual clients as well as groups of all backgrounds. Her most significant career to date has been as a mother to her now adult sons.She has worked with CEO’s, celebrities, a vice-president of a country, house-wives and house husbands, athletes, teachers, singers, homeless people, children, prisoners and entrepreneurs.  Brigitte has worked for 17 years as a Master Coach for Tony Robbins. She has appeared on TV and radio in the USA, England and the Netherlands, is an Amazon bestselling author of 3 relationship books, has a degree in Speech Therapy, Pre-school teaching and is currently completing a masters and PhD program in Quantum Medicine. She is qualified as a Feng Shui master, Reiki master, Pranic healer, magnified healer, communication trainer, sport psychology, lymph drainage.


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