Deep dive Retreat

Join me in beautiful places in the world, where we really shape and deepen the 12 pivotal areas of life together. 

Who is it for?

are you…

    • courageous enough to step into the unknown and do what you have likely never done before? Not for the fainthearted…
    • committed enough to your own greatness to take consistent small steps that shift the shape of your life permanently? Not for those who look for a quick fix.
    • ready for an adventure to uncover the treasures inside yourself? Not for those who have a fixed idea of who they are and will always be.

*This is not an entry-level journey, you must have worked with me before in order to sign up for this program.
**If you have not worked with me before, we will need to have a qualifying conversation before you are able to enrol in the program.

Typical Program

Day 1:

2pm start – lunch and welcome
​Afternoon – spa treatment
​6pm – dinner, introduction, group coaching and connection

Day 2:

​Morning yoga
Morning – Water Blessing at Private Water temple
​Afternoon – spa treatment (choice)
​Evening – Healing meditation with sound

Day 3:

Morning yoga
Creative activities
Afternoon – spa/wellness treatments
​Evening – Blessing

Day 4:

Morning walk, group activities
Afternoon: spa/wellness treatments
​Evening – Meditation/blessings

Day 5:

​Morning yoga
​Beach Day with massage on the beach
​Evening – Meditation and group coaching

Day 6:

Morning visit to water temple
Group coaching/blessings
​Closing ceremony with local priest and
future intentions

finish 3pm

*please note that changes in the program may occur where availability of therapists or sessions require.

Included in the price:

  • pick-up and drop off at airport or local (within 2 hours drive) address
  • 5 nights accommodation in luxury accommodation
  • healthy meal plan options
  • 2 therapy sessions of your choice (colon-hydrotherapy/Magnesium IV, floating tank/icebath)
  • three massage (or other spa sessions)
  • one creative sessions (ceramics, mandala painting, silver jewellery making)
  • rice field walk
  • beach day
  • local healer/priest
  • meditations, blessings, souvenir and gifts
  • workbook